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what is strike resist?

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compared to block and parry which would still let an enemy still inflict some damage on you, what is strike resist? 

actually on top of that, been wondering why agi manastones are used, are they going for the additional strike resist? or concentration? what class would mostly benefit on this? im really confused with this strike resist, when you have high strike resist, do enemies "miss"? or what? is this the physical attack opposite for magic resist? 

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You can think of Strike Resist in this way. Every stat has a counter. Crit Strike however, has two which act differently. One is Strike Resist, the other Strike Fortitude. Strike Resist decreases the chances of the attacking person of performing critical strikes on you, while Strike Fortitude reduces the damage dealt on you with critical strikes. That said, Crit Strike is the most used stat used by physical classes, meaning going high on its counters might be beneficial. Strike Resist is the most common one because it comes form manastones, while Strike Fortitude... nah. Crit Spell has the same counters, but named appropriately, Spell Resist and Spell Fortitude. Do not confuse it with Magic Resist; that stat is the one that makes it more difficult to land magical skills on you. Its not the same thing.

Now, what classes make best use of it? The same ones that have a Block, MR or MS set. Generally, Clerics and Templars are the most common ones to go for such sets due to their roles in a group. Not saying that you arent allowed to do it as a SM (judging form your profile), or any DPS class, but you would be giving up your damage.

As for Agility manastones... Yes, it is pretty much solely for Strike Resist. Evasion and Parry are very little effective and Concentration bonuses from Agility are mediocre.

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