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Sealed argent manor drop rate?

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Not sure if anyone still does it but I havent been getting anymore armors or wings drop in the instance with rank A (usually you get eternal not all the time but they drop pretty good) so I did rank S and I know this is suppose to be 100% mythic drop but still none, is it removed from the drop pool? Or a bug perhaps? Im farming using my lvl 71 sorc is it the lvl difference?

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1 hour ago, Bryos-DN said:

Are you still getting the special bundle? The ranked based one. Or just not getting it at all? 

Yes I do, according to rank. It just gives out manastones and the white ore you use to exchange the eternals to mythics outside. Dont remember if it gave me relics as I have them stacked. 

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10 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

I did two runs of SAM last night. I don't ever do S rank because I only care about the skins, so I just do A rank. I got the headpiece on one run and no skin on the other run. So they are still dropping in A rank. I don't know about S rank though, sorry. :/ 

Maybe Im just unlucky with Rank A’s but rank S if I remember correctly gives a guaranteed mythic armor. Will do more runs. And mind me asking what level did you use when it dropped? Level gap might be the issue. Thanks for the info


10 hours ago, Bryos-DN said:

Yes, they are still dropping. The deal is, the bundle isnt guaranteed to give you the gear. Sucks, but, honestly, I am not surprised considering how people can really have no idea what or where SAM is. :P

Ikr! I’m after the headgears and wings.

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Level is not important for two reasons:

  • When it comes to loot, players act like they are still level 65, despite being level 66, 70 or 75. Such is the reason why killing any mobs in Enshar and Cygnea still drop stuff regardless of how high level you are.
  • The rewards given are automatically given to you. Same goes for all instances that work in a similar manner (FoO, battlegrounds, Crucible Spire). No matter your level, you will always get stuff form these instances when it ends.
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