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cant sell drops


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It's not a bug. The kinah limit is by account/by level. So, if you've exceeded that level's kinah limit by the amount you've sold on a higher level character, you can't sell on that low level character while you still can on the higher level until you reach that higher level's vendor limit.

It's kind of weird, and I know my explanation is shitty.

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Perhaps an example:

Say Character 1 is level 60 and, can sell 100 million worth per day.

Character 2 is level 7 and can sell 1 million worth per day.

(Sell amount per day is made up for the example.)

Character 1 sells 10 million worth and could sell 90 million more that day but, Character 2 can sell NOTHING that day. The limit is per level but, sales count account wide so, a high level character can max out the ability to sell for lower level characters on the same account.

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