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Create a Guild of Legions


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Let's allow for any BG of a Legion to create a "Super-Legion," or "Army," or just call it a "Guild of Legions."

  • Only Legions can join Guilds, and only the BG (or a Legion member with BG privileges) could join a Guild.

  • If members of a Guild want to chat only with members of their Legion, Legion chat would still be available.

  • Every member of the Guild would have access to a new Guild Chat Channel.

The Guild of Legions is really all about a new chat channel. Players in Guilds would have access to more people:

  • to run instances with
  • ask questions about the game
  • ask questions about their class

and to avoid the trolls of LFG, channel 3 chat.

  • The BGs of each Legion in the Guild would have the ability to "Legion block" players from Guild chat.
  • If a player is "Legion blocked," no member of that Legion would see the "Legion blocked" player's chat.
  • The players in all the other Legions in the Guild would still see the chat, unless the BGs of those Legions block that player too.

Some of the Legions of Aion have been around for years. We may want to join another Legion, but no one wants to see our Legions disappear. A Guild of Legions would allow us to keep our Legions alive and be a part of a lager Guild community.


I will never let my Legion, The Great Lakes, go. Never! I've had it for so long, I just can't let it die.

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Um, try a Union, terminology, to may, because of other games, Legion in Aion = Guild, the "G" being the access key doesn't help either, Legion is Guild, a Union, like the European Union, or a Federation, something less confusing for a name for the alliance of guilds, coalition of guilds, etc...

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