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Help with Luna ;-;

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Nerf transfectant crawlers in Luna please even with 3 aoe turrets they can destroy the first barricade. Getting an S is nearly impossible when 3rd wave is lots of footsteps (may be possible with 4 aoe turrets but aether drops aren't that good so it's not really a possibility at last wave crawlers)

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Yeah, "Lots of footsteps" in wave 3 can bring the gate down 50%, so need to keep the gate above 50% before wave 3.

"Chattering voices", (or what ever it's called,) is an automatic S rank. We get that some times too. A little RNG is okay.

Lots of footsteps hit me on wave 3, gate down to about 5%, but i was able to draw agro on boss, and got the S rank anyway.

Jumping over the gate and attacking boss from behind drew the agro. That doesn't work every time, but if we can get agro and train it back and forth, then we can keep the gate alive.

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