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Looking for Legion - Returning Player


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Hey all, 

I am “Defeat” of the Danaria server as an Elyos and am a Templar currently on the way to 65. (I am aware of all the tricks getting to 65 quickly so it won’t take long)

I have recently came back to the game where I quit in 5.0. Before I quit, in 4.8-5.0, I was experienced in dungeons such as Eternal Bastion as attacker role (tank driving or going with the tank driver) and Drakenspire Depths Dpser. However, this playthrough I am interested in playing as Templar and wouldn’t mind learning the tank role for the cannon shooter in Eternal Bastion. I am interested in a more competitive legion / guild that uses discord. Thanks all! Mail me in game or add me on discord at Sam#2694

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