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Unbalanced factions

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can not play aion comfortably being asmodian, for every 1 asmodian there are 10 elyos and the server does not limit the creation of characters in the dominant faction. We need you to do something, reward the new Asmodian players, give them equipment at a certain level, encourage the new ones, but what you will have is a dead game if you do not do something, I returned after a few years ago and I can not even go level, I can not do quest, there are elyos everywhere, army general, 5-star, killing lvl 66 characters who are just trying to level up, they do not have a pvp team and still kill them repeatedly.

Now let's talk about evergale canyon, 75% of the characters on the asmodian side are afk, can not get them out of the instance and be punished for inactivity? There is a lot they can do for the game and they just do not feel like doing it. :(

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Do not try levelling in the world. It sucks for BOTH sides. I've tried on both my Elyos and Asmos, and I get destroyed in minutes. You pretty much have to level in instances now. There are several level 66+ instances that give good XP and aren't difficult if you have higher brain function than a boulder.

Both sides have obscene numbers of people who AFK Evergale. They re-added the kick function for leaders, and that's made everything 50x worse.

6.X is coming out Soon(tm). All the gear and stuff now is about to be completely invalidated. Leveling is going to change. 11 maps get removed. Instances are removed/changed.

I was here when they gave free gear and incentives to Asmodians. I was one of them. It didn't change anything in a meaningful way. People just won't give up their existing characters, and new players tend to gravitate towards the "angels." Limiting character creation accomplished nothing, too. People got mad they couldn't play with their friends.

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Though I did enjoy levelling my Asmodians on TM and getting free Arena weapons, looking really cool, but I digress.

As Cheese said, open world grinding is a secondary thing. The "issue" is that in low levels, players are stuck with only the central areas in Cygnea/Norsvold. However, the 69-72 will open up shortly afterwards, and then the 73-75 ones. These are much less popular with the opposing faction, while the centre of the map is a PvP hotspot.

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Open world was never leveling friendly since the twinking times. Unfortunately you can only rely on instances and if you can buy some scrolls repeat the easy ones.

Also when there is a passive XP buff, make sure you use amulets to raise it even more.

Do these instances at all costs:

1) Luna daily & Luna weekly
2) Adma, Thebomos, Drakensheer Lair, Fallen Poeta, if you have a friend to carry you, clear the room, bring the boss close to 5% HP and then they should leave you alone to get all the XP in some of them it is more than possible.
3) Fissure, this is easy one, single player and also reset scrolls are rather cheap, clear the whole map and eat the fatties, do not bother with ranking at all.

And obviously invest in an entry boost pack, it will double most instance entries or simply add +1 or +2 entries in some others. Fissure for example goes from 1 entry per day to 2 entries per day! I think Theobomos and Adma get 1 additional entry and Fallen Poeta goes from 3x per week to 5x per week.

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