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I started getting really into aion around last year, which is great for fast leveling, but I also missed out on some pvp and cool skins, so i have several burning questions: 


1. is there an instance that drops a skinnable version of the level 55 elite fledgeling skin? i know it's similar to the marchutan/kaisinel protector's set, but i'm specifically intereested in the shoulder piece and...the protector set is really hard to get...

2. WHAT IS THE ARMOR IN THIS IMAGE (from cheesecake-DN i believe):


3. are there any female skins that don't look like weird fetish gear and if so what are their names

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I wasn't expecting to see my image, lol.

Yeah, it's the 65AP cloth "officer's" gear. You can also buy the Special Ambassador's cloth since it's purchasable at rank 1 and is the same skin.


Or make some really nice friends who have AP to burn because I don't think it's a 1-time only skin, and the officer's version should be cheaper than the special ambassador's.


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thanks everyone. i finally know what all the enshar npcs are wearing...

also @bryos usually i prefer chain. compared to the others i dont think it's as gross as like, some of the leather/cloth ones. plate is usually a mixed bag because there are some really well-designed ones and some bikini armor ones which like...rip.

im lowkey considering defecting to elyos because some of their lower rank chain armors have real pants...

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