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Luna - robbery Auto-run in Game of Fate! :(

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What is the sense of the Auto-roll feature in the Game of Fate in Luna? I accidentally checked this box and it spent my 9 Luna absolutely without collecting rewards, I jumped and stopped it on the 4th time and only then it gave me a reward. I lost 9 Luna in vain! I wrote to Aion Support and asked them to help me and return me 9 Luna, and thought, maybe it was a glitch, but no - they refused to return me any Luna and told me that this feature doesn't give rewards. Why the nyerk is this nonsense happening, is it just robbery??? And while the box is selected, it repeats rolling automatically to the very end of my Luna??? Please will someone return me my wasted Luna and remove this terrible feature from the game??

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Just now, Vantheria-DN said:

Yes, it keeps rolling if you have that selected because the more you roll, the higher the chances of getting the better boxes/rewards. So the game assumes that's what you were trying to do instead of just cash out at the lowest level of rewards.

Increases chances? After 4 rolls I got 3 usual rewards of lowest tier! 


Unfirtunately I didn't make a screenshot of the rewards, but I remember, the best thing in them was Greater Supplements Mythic and they looked like the lowest tier.

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6 minutes ago, Bryos-DN said:

It doesnt increase chances, jeez. What Vantheria said was that, like in every luck based feature (in the entire universe, not just this game), the more rolls you do, the more chances to win (and lose).

Does it ever happen that it gets to higher tier? Otherwise it's not worthy.

It would be useful if this system brought a pop-up window on Auti-roll asking "Are you really sure you want to auto-roll"? Cause it may happen accidentally and is dangerous, especially if you have much Luna. Not even a button to stop?

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