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Weekly Server Maintenance - August 8, 2018


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12 minutes ago, Rohanna-KT said:

Every time Aion has its weekly update, I hold my breath and pray I don't have to rename Aion bin from 64 to 32, because XIGNCode won't load, and prevent me from getting into the game.  The XIGNCode problem hasn't been solved, not by a long shot, as the problem still persists.  I've lost track of my posts to "customer support" about XIGNCode, and I'm tired of having to rename my Aion bin.

Is the XIGNCode problem a small problem?  In the grand scheme of things, it's merely an irritation, easily fixed by the player.  Small irritations, however, blow up into bigger irritations, and turn into full-scale player frustration and anger, which leads to some people quitting the game.  Those of you who have seen my posts know just how angry and frustrated I have gotten, and I'm not alone.


If you find the problem, feel free to use the fix I described above, if it is Xign then that will solve it

5 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

(it's not freaking xigncode that's causing it; this problem has been happening for years. It's a client problem, and I haven't found what triggers it, but I know it's not xogncode.)

It is Xigncode... As I already said there're a few rare cases that are not caused by Xigncode but that's so low %. I thought you would have that in your doc what triggers it and solution for ppl to run 64-bit. I maybe know what could trigger it but whatever...

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