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Hit lvl 67, what now?


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Hello there! I recently hit level 67 with my Elyos Templar on Katalam server and suddenly got flooded up with tons of quests, yellow, blue and light blue. I also noticed how difficult it is to level now that I reached the end game (or so it seems).

What am I supposed to do now? Mostly of the instances I unlocked are too hard for me (yesterday I tried AoE with some other guys and we kept wiping) therefore I need a new equip but... how? Which are the end game sets I should aim for? I am still using the purple one I got in Cygnea with the campaign quests.

I also have lots of coins (bronze, mithral, gold, etc) and I remember they were useful in the previous patches to get good sets (I used to play on EU 4 years ago when the level cap was still 65 and Katalam and Tiamaranta were still a thing). Are those still useful or not?

I just feel so... confused. The game didn't expain me anything on how to fuse weapons and such. I have literally no idea what to do.

Can someone be kind to explain me which quests have priority in terms of EXP and rewards and how to get a better gear?

Also: How do I get more contracts for minions? And where do I get mounts? Are those avaible only on the real-cash shop?


Thanks in advance to whoever helps me understand :D

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Adma, Theo (the ones in Iluma, mind you) and Drakenseer's Lair are 3 man instances with generous amounts of experience. At 72 Fallen Poeta joins that list. You can find some decent enough starter accessories there (though they are also extremely cheap on the broker).

Apollon's gear will have you decently set up for pve. Broker should be the fastest way to get this, because at 67 unless you get very fiercely carried Cradle of Eternity (where it drops) is going to be a bad time.

Luna (the pink moon next to your shortcut bars) will get you a mount with a little patience. The daily crafts are randomised each day, a mount will come up sooner or later.

Minion contracts can be obtained from Crucible Spire (you'll want to get to 70-ish for this, I believe), Fissure of Oblivion (any rank is fine for as long as you beat the boss - and it's a solo instance that scales to your level and has decent exp, too) plus here and there. The good ones show up in events pretty often.

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till 68 Luna / Adma / Theo / Fissure and the quest near Iluma base are enough (then 69 - Drakenseer, 72 - Fallen Poeta), with each lvl more daily quests gonna appear around the map, they give good xp until around lv71-72, there is a board next to the stairs in ariel's sanctuary, do every quest in that, you can do primordial quest daily from lv68 I guess (maybe from lv69) those quests give 100mil XP each, and you can do the four of them daily, it's a good money source too

do the pink quest from the shugo

also from 69 you can do the outer camps in upper abyss, those give ~50m XP each (2 quests per camp, wich you can repeat 3 times a week - these quests reset at every Monday), and from lv70 you can do the inner camps too

(with farming around iluma you can gain XP with Atreian Bestiary too, but it wont be your major XP gaining way)

as for AoE, if a grp kept wiping it's not your fault/not your fault only, I've been in grp with lv67-68s many times, their lvl never been a problem if at least half of the group knew what they're doing

if you have kinah or friends just buy the apollon set from broker (the reinforced plate is for gladiators, you need the one with block in it not parry), if you cant buy them, just go for the labyrinth set from AoE (not reinforced as well) and farm CoE after you reach lv71-72ish

coins are useless now, but platinum coins sell good around winter since ppl use them to scam others at snowball event, but that's another story

Minion contracts are from some endgame instances, crucible spire, fissure, sout-west camp in iluma, game of fate, events, but when it comes to mounts, you can craft them at Luna shop, not worth buying them from cash shop

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For armor you want to buy apollon gear off the broker. Make sure it has manastone slots! Also make sure it has block mods not parry mods. If apollon is too expensive, or just some parts (likely the weapon and chestpiece will be more expensive than the others), then you can use LABYRINTH gear to fill in the holes. Buy apollon's accessories off the broker too, or Kroban's if apollon's is too expensive (helm, necklace, and earrings might be). Kroban doesn't have helms, but labyrinth does. kroban's wings are cheap and good too, so might as well pick them up too. You Anything less than Apollon is rubbish gear and you will want to work to have full apollon or better as soon as you can, but since you're just starting out its fine to use weaker gear for a while

With a mixture of Apollon, Labyrinth, and Kroban gear equipped, talk to a conditioning npc and condition all your gear. conditioning is a lot of stats! Buy some Immortal Improved Crit Strike Scrolls off the broker, and look for some cheap crit food like inessi herb dumplings. Lastly, pick up some Eternal or Mythic grade Pjhysical Attack Idians and cheap damage godstones and socket them in all your weapons. Now, with food and scroll active, idian socketed, and gear conditioned, start socketing Precision +6 stones in your gear until you have 1400 crit strike, then fill the rest of the slots with power +6 stones. You are now ready to tackle all the easy to intermediate content in this game. As you improve your gear to full apollon and beyond, you'll want to make sure your total crit strike is closer to 1500, but an attack/crit plume and gray wolf accessories should cover that, so you shouldn't have to socket any more precision. You'll probably actually end up removing precision for more power later on.

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