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Screenshot naming


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The ingame video capturing feature names the files the correct way

Aion_Year-month-day-hour minute-seconds example: "AION_2017-08-16-2201-31.mp4",

And this is the correct way, the screenshots still get an increasing number, the problem is if you have Aion0001 till Aion0015 for example, the next photo will get the name Aion0016, BUT if you delete one of the screenshots from 1 to 15, for example Aion0008, then the next screenshot you will take will be named after this blank name.

That creates a continuity problem, you take a new screenshot, you go to see it (in the end of the list) but you can't find it because it didn't get named in the end of the list.

Sure thing you can sort the files in the folder according to "date of creation" and this solves this issue. But the real problem is when you sort out your screenshots and take back ups in other folders, and you delete your Aion screenshots from the folder, then the files will start from Aion0001 again (or is it Aion0000?). anyway then you make name collisions with Aion Screenshots.

There is nothing better than having the date as a file name in all screenshots so you never lose track of when it happened and you can keep all your screenshots in one backup folder because ther will be no name collision.

Like my photo below


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