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Taiwan bringing the smack down NA soon to follow?


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1373 bot farm characters account locked permanently


The following accounts that have received illegal Kinah (i.e. purchased kinah from bot farms) have been temporarily locked. For owners of accounts temporarily locked in this way, please submit a 1-on-1 petition and agree to delete such illegal kinah in order to unlock account.


伺服器 Server

角色名稱 Character Name

接收不法獲利之基納 Amount of illegally obtained Kinah received

鎖定原因 Reason of account lock

利用組織、集團式外掛行為進行遊戲不法獲利者影響遊戲營運 Running illegal organizational/group-type 3rd party program in game causing negative effects of game server operation

鎖定天數 Account lock duration in days

永久鎖定 Permanent lock


So basically all the permanently locked accounts are all bot farms.

Except the following players, the rest of the bots all had gibberish name using only English characters.

  • 饭饭饭丶(Simplified Chinese, bot from mainland China?)
  • 老佛爷 (Simplified Chinese, bot from mainland China?)
  • 帝丷

The real players who bought botted kinah gets their purchased kinah deleted if they desire to continue playing.

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2 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

I talked to a Taiwanese player they said the biggest problem with TW is BIG p2w for them 6.0 on tw is nothing more than a test server until NA release of 6.0

However before hope get bots ban ? Do we get a new website yet ? ¬¬

I second the new website thing...this site looks shabby af, hope everything really gets updated when 6.x gets released as Hime said earlier. Else it's just a display of low standard.

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