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Stigma Changes Final Chapter


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After being playing aion since 2009 stigmas where a part of the game that made you distinct from the other players and if not definitely gave the player the impression of creating something of his/her own. 

So after taking a break from aion i returned and saw that stigmas are predetermined by the quests and that if you want to make a new build u need a lot of kinah and not only that but you need to be lucky enough for what you look for to be sold on broker so far so good like old days but prices are too high for returning users considering that u gather 25m average leveling fron 1 to 65 .

My idea is that  in game  as you level up through stigma quests you should get ALL possible stigmas for your class for example you hit level 20 do stigma quest and u get as reward all stigma stones from level 20-30 ,then when you will get your next stigma quest you will get level 30-45  so forth and so on. 
However these stigmas you get form quests  would be UNTRADEABLE ,UNSTORABLE IN ACCOUNT WAREHOUSE and would cost NO kinah to equip and if you enchant them they lose that properties and become tradeable and their equip will cost kinah as it is now.

This way people and especially support classes like chanter cleric bard will have at least all stigmas required to play their respective role from earlier levels ex:65 and get experience on how to support without waiting to get to 70-72 when support is needed and nothing else also they will have the chance to try all builds possible and try out all vision stigmas too.

As for the broker things would stay the same if someone wants to enchant their build would have to buy them as always .

I think this would not make the game stigma building broken , it would make people more active in instances playing the required role and it would give them no excuse on saying that i do not have support stigma to be a proper healer or what ever the need is and since these would be given for free they could keep them and enchant others from broker to try their luck and even if they fail they would still have the stigma gotten from quest is they are smart enough.

Sorry for my bad English since it is not my mother language i would like to hear other peoples opinions on this and why not find a way to include this in game in the following patch ,personally i think it would be the last and terminal change on stigmas and it would worth a lot opposing to all the current stigma changes done as inerts , current stigma system etc etc. 

P.S : If this ever be included in game existing players would get a sack including all class stigmas that they play ex Stigma Sack ( 'Class')

Thank you for your time reading my idea.

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I agree. It took me about 350m to properly stigma my cleric alt. A) I didn't even finish getting the proper stigma set-up for her until level 67 and B) I only managed that by using kinah from my chanter main. If the cleric had been my first/only toon, there's no way I could have properly support-stigma'd her by level 67. It's outrageous that clerics receive only dps stigmas in the quests--and chanters, although that can be debatable as chanters don't necessarily have to be support, depending on the player's preference. Having to buy every single support stigma for cleric is just crazy. I didn't even bother socketing those dps stigmas as I received them because I knew I didn't want them--just automatically put them up on the broker. But of course, dps cleric stigmas only sell for like 3-5m because everyone already has them and nobody wants them.

So yeah. I'd like to see that approached differently. I like your idea of ALL stigmas being available as a reward in the quests and we get to choose. They can still stagger it by type. Greater stigma, regular, etc by your level, so you don't get to choose greater stigmas until your level is high enough.

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