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Enchanting upgraded items?


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I have made my weapon to very good enchant, my main armor went to +20 in one go then requested gms to take it back to +19 so I can regamble my skill, it went back to +20 again in one go.

BUT I have wasted about 26 omegas + greater supplements for the shoulders and it went back to +10, again. one time it even went back to +8.

I know RNG is a thing but it is also an algorithm, don't tellm e it is only bad luck, an algorithm has no luck, it meant like this for some items to have less chance to be enchanted.

Does anyone find shoulders and other minor items difficult to enchant? In my case, my master harvester shoulders will remain +10 forever, no reason to waste any more billions for nothing. 26 omegas = 2,6 billion at least and those 400 gr.supplements every time could be sold for many millions (not the free ones I used this last time, I mostly used normal ones)

Please share what other parts are unenchantable by RNG so at least we can save our billions.

My 5 cents -> don't bother with shoulders.



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