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Inaccessible quests since campaign revamp


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http://aioncodex.net/us/quest/1062/ Ever since the old campaign quest Indratu Legion was deleted, some chain quests are inaccessible because they require this quest to be done.

http://aioncodex.net/us/quest/1510/ [Group] Insufficient Funds

http://aioncodex.net/us/quest/1517/ [Group] Negating Nagas

http://aioncodex.net/us/quest/1518/ [Group] Demoralizing Drakan

Please change the requirement or remove it so these quests can be picked up again.

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1 hour ago, Azraeil-DN said:

Can't you just abandon them and go pick up the new, but similar quests?

Abandon what if I can't even pick them up? And there are no similar quests, they never replaced these quests. Indratu Barracks is now a completely useless instance without these quests ever since they removed the campaign for it.

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