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Back after a long time

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I haven't played aion since 2k16.so back after like 2+ years and have no idea what to do,what gear to get etc.Can someone help me out?I will also post some pics(link)of my currents stats and gears.Anyone mind telling me if I need to change my gear right now and what to get?Thank you in advance.Last but most important I can use some friends.:)
-:PVE Stats:-

Defence - https://imgur.com/7PRis3z

Attack - https://imgur.com/zqepHx8

-:PVP Stats:-

Defence - https://imgur.com/znxmmc1

Attack - https://imgur.com/64VfdVp

Weapon I am using for both PVP and PVE - https://imgur.com/TsC9E8G

PVP Gear Set - https://imgur.com/9o6a0U8

Stigma Set i usually use - https://imgur.com/Ejs9aIt

Sorry Just feeling like a pure noob after coming back after a long time.


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Short summary:

Most 66+ gear breaks on failed enchantment unless you use omega stones with greater mythic supplements to enchant with.

PvE now is apollon/harvester gear (broker, events, cradle of eternity, and bastion of souls), later upgraded into master harvester gear. That needs to be explained by others, but the minimum pve gear you should work toward is apollon.

PvP minimum is the L75 AP gear (royal captain?). Often shows up for free from events and also common on the broker.

Archdaeva manastones are what you socket with. Us poor people use +6 stones minimum.

Adma/Theo/Drakenseers Lair/Fallen Poeta all got nerfed into three man instances. Ez XP. FP level req is 72, though.

I guess that's the most basic summary I can give. Other players know more/aren't typing on a phone.



What are friends?? :P

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Hello, welcome back to the game. :) Here are a few threads where people have discussed chanter set-ups as well as some threads about the current pve/pvp gears. However, we will be receiving a new patch, 6.x, sometime in the next couple months. This patch will make all current gear nearly useless. So, do not fret too much and waste kinah trying to get a bunch of op gears right now.






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