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Aion Suggestion from EU player


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Dear NC Soft

 At the beginning I would like to say that I am Aion player for 8 years. I "love" Aion. I have a lot of good memories related to this game. I meet a lot of great people in Aion. I really like the way the game goes along with the introduction of the 6.0 Patch and I personally can't wait for it.
I believe you have many great employees, but I wonder why nobody came up with an idea or why you didn't consider ideas that I would like to present now:

1. Legions (Most important thing)

Increase Legion level, add "more" Legion Task / Quest / Activities.
Everyone know that the "Legions are just to be" nowadays. That's sad the people don't have any motivation to stick together. 

Maybe it's time to consider "Revamp Legion" system?

I propose to add:

- Legion Castle / Houses - where you can meet your friends from Legion and also craft items and gather mats.

- More Legion levels harder to obtain. For example at lvl 10 all people from our Legion get +1% PvP Attack etc.

- GvG - Make Instanced place where, our Legion can participate in Legion VS Legion Fights.

2. More Open World Content.

More World Bosses with good loot, with some hard mechanics and long respawn time (we can arrange with friends and hunt for them)
Bosses types which we can do in:

- 6 man party.
- 12 man party.
- 48 man party.


- Bosses which we need to fight for them with other fraction (PvP). 

3. Arenas

Revamp Arenas map they are outdated and they depart from the of today's Aion  standards in the meaninng game graphic.

4. Social

There is a lot of "players" who take part of differentactions like Cosplay etc.
I know a lot of people who want to see Aion Anime, read Aion books for example about Aion Lore. Buy Aion posters, T-Shirts, Toys etc.
Please think about it 



That's all I hope you consider our suggestions as a European Community.
I will be glad if you answer for that topic and I will be able to share that answer with friends.
Best regards.

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