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Game is not updating

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I've installed launcher it started to download version 202, but the update freezed on 118.1mb and not doing anything.

Disablling firewall did not help also.


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I'm going full I don't know on this:

Run cmd as admin, netsh winsock reset

Try again

Reset router. Try again.

If I think of more things or if someone else has a better idea, that'd be cool. I don't have a fix written down for this one and can't scour the old forums at work. :(



If full game needs to be downloaded, can download from here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BykLPkSQSO45TWFieXRYWWk2NGc

Just extract each file to the Aion folder, replacing the existing folders, and run file repair from the launcher.

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