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You guys are the community... y'all have to create the open world pvp =)


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4 hours ago, Valse-KT said:

I just returned to the game after a few years and I have to say, it’s kind of sad the state it’s in.  The first thing I did after leveling to 66 was go right into Norsvold to try open world (I’m elyos).  Now I’m a pretty geared low level (like +10 emissary) but obviously nothing compared to the crap that people nowadays have.  In Norsvold I basically only ran into bots, every now and then randomly getting ganked by 3 officers at once.  What pisses me off the most though is when you actually find a real person alone whose not absurdly over geared and they just run into the nearest base.  Even worse, I’ve seen 3star+ officers see me and run to find a base/their group.  Kind of funny cause I’m so undergeared in comparison and they’re unwilling to grow a pair and actually fight.  I mean even if you lose who cares?


People are so afraid to go out and die which makes open world pvp in itself really unfun.  Not to mention, there’s nobody to find that’s not right by the main base.


A lot of people say tiamaranta eye was the best open world patch but I really loved gelk/ingi pure solo rifting.  Too bad...

2.0 is the same style as 5.0 open world. the only difference is location instead of 30 people camping a fortress in ingi or 30 people camping an artifact in gelk, it's main towns in norsvold/iluma. If you liked 2.0 pvp you should like 5.0, You are probably nostalgic about 2.0 is all. People running away at the first sight of an enemy is nothing new, people have done that since release. 3.0 was easily the best patch for pvp in my opinion. 4.0 - 4.5 was okay until people didn't need to do bloodmark quests, so a few weeks of the patch.

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My 5 cents on it is that even a person with +15 75a2 items will be stepped on by those dedicated to pvp. PvP is a job now, you either do it and do it correctly, or you don't do it at all.

I have +15 75a2 gear for example (and only my weapon is upgraded) and I can die in 0.5 seconds by known people that are always outside norsvold waiting for you to make the mistake to go out of town, I can hardly hit a single instant skill in 0.5 seconds and I am already 10 times stunned and dead. I know they are all probably full +30 or something but using 10 skills per second is also something that shouldn't be able to be done.
Then there is this one cleric that you will always hit and miss because game mechanics, or a broken class that might be able to play you like a rug doll etc.

There are people who get into guard area, get hit by guards and you and other people, they manage to kill 2~3 people before they die or even flee!!!
This game has gone a "little" out of balance in every aspect, when it comes to class imbalance, items difference and p2w exclusive items.

(P.S. I have a Sheeba myself, why do people claim that Sheeba can kill you one shot or something? Unless my lvl 7 sheeba is broken)

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Sheba dmg range can vary between 4k to 11k depending in the amount of PvP attack the attacker has and the amount of PvP defence and Fire elemental Resist the defender has.

For me it took 8 months to get my sheba to lv 7 while P2W ppl made it in 2 months, before 5.8 update without the lv 80 set, sheba was devastating it could remove half my HP pool in an instant

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On 9/2/2018 at 11:26 PM, iKkiana-DN said:

I totally agree.

Chowmein (the real Chowmein NOT the fake Chanter lol) and I just came back 3 days ago. Me at 73 and Chowmein on his SW at 74, we are super undergeared and now playing asmo.

Too many elyos that's why we chose being asmos now. It is amazing how a lot of people are sitting in their 80ap gear or master harvester gear in +20s and not going out.

I seriously don't understand why people are afraid to die in a game xD you die, just go back ... Even to just duel for fun...people refused to do it or accept  o.O

They are all afraid of getting screenshotted and mocked on a facebook group lol

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I hope the true PvPers in this patch will try and look for a challenge. It's just a mentality:

  • you can choose to not bring on the zerg each time but fight solo or in small groups even if it's tough
  • you can choose to stay away from the fresh newbies entering Lakrum to get to lvl80 in shitty gear
  • you can choose to help people that cannot get a taste of PvP on their own and show them around

Lakrum is pretty tiny in comparance to some old maps, PvP is very much happening at every time (which is good)
but we can make it into 'good, fun & challenging ow pvp', or we can make it into 'boring zergfest that will drive away population over time'.

(yes yes bring on the pve carebear hate kek)

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