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Camera raise/lower


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Is there a way to lower the camera attitude on a char? I know there is an option to raise it even higher above the character's head but is there a way to make it lower than the default?

I want this so when I take a screenshot I want my char to be fully centered and not lose any area, if I want my char to be 100% visible in all screen from head to toes then I need to have him rather far losing details, if I bring him closer his feet are cropped but there is plenty of space above his head.

Look at the whole char screenshot:



If I bring him closer, his feet will be cropped and there is still plenty of space above his head.




so is there a way to change the center of the camera, even with an outside method (like that shugo console, does it still work, I never used it, but did it even have such a feature?)

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