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Comparing EU community and NA community


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Which one is better ? Which one is more friendly for newbie ? :)

Which server has easier time to find a group ? Which server has less leechers (u know someone who doesn't do anything and let u do all work in instances).

I'm thinking to give EU a shot.Will everything better there ? :)

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well there are alwyas Pros and Cons but there are a few things that can lead to think that GameForge is more P2W oriented and that they produced an even bigger Gear Gap than other regions.


1- They need  +26 gear to get the Ultimate exchange for 6.X while we need  +25, this single enchant means a lot since is a breaking point in terms of RNG and kinah needed, and they  Don't have Safe spot at +25, as we do have.

2- Same Case with accesories they don't have safe spot at +6

3- They never had a single Power Up event.

4- The price they set for Transformation Contracts in their PTS Cash shop is 2.5x more expensive than other regions. And ofc this will affect all the game economy.

5- Playing without premium membership (Gold Pack) is extremely restrictive, gives new players a hard time and makes Event Farming less profitable, as you need Gold packs in every account.



1- They have this system ''Hero trials'' i think is called and ppl can do some quests for decent rewards like omegas. (needs to be adapted so 6.X so it maybe will be back in the future)

2- The Benefits of their Gold Pack are better than our Prestige  as is like a fusion of an 30 day Entry Boost Pack and a 30 day Value Boost pack and some other things. Their monthly rewards are better too, also they have this very nice system that each 6 months you can receive all your previous rewards again, this can be like 40 untradeable temperings and other items only ofc if you been playing the game with Gold Pack for Years.

3- Their game is translated to like 6 different languages.

4- idk the population per server, but overall they should have higher population as the market they cover is bigger.

5- GF seemed to be more in touch with their comunity as they have all this series of vids on youtube AskAion and Daeva's Tavern with their employees, anyways at the end they did what was more profitable for them without much care for the players, i guess at least that gives them more online presence.


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I would think that people are the same no matter what region they play on. There will be the same mix of helpful and friendly people in each community. Aion NA has its fare share of issues that make this player base salty af. Aion EU also has its fare share of issues that make them salty af. And all of this is hardly unique to Aion. 

The friendliest player base I have ever experienced is the GW2 player base. Mostly because the game is developed to reward you for helping others and to prevent you from screwing others over. It's actually built into the game. 

@Neleth-KT.. I would say that the community that will best suit your needs is the one where you, either by chance or through some research, find a good group of people to play with.

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Well I think to give EU a shot for long time already.I see a chance with launch of 6.0 there.EXP event on NA means nothing since all leveling will be making easy (leveled a 80 cleric on PTS checked all quests already).Hime had a word with us that will bring a website with 6.0 but still no new website :/ EU got Stream to bring more people too.I heard that people over EU is doing cross server group regularly as well while NA is non.I might come back to NA when I see how things really are :)

The only thing that this might not work out is my friend she has worse ping in EU.We made an agreement if she can't play we will back to NA somehow :)


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30 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

She never said we were getting a website with 6.0. I think Cyan even quantified that, too. I think EU has a way better cross server system where you don't have to run to the door to form a group, but not 100% positive.

I believed at some point in 2018 Hime mentioned about a new website when 6.0 launches but I can't remember it.

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