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Returning player 6.0 sm or sorc


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Hello everyone!

I am a returning player and ibwant to know which class is more valuable pve wise?which is easier to level? 

Sm- fears, need near perfect rotation for high dps buffs and debuffs,pets(are they valuable end game??)skills that heal them as well correct me if im wrong

Sorc- high dps which cuts through mobs faster i assume, sleep


Is there anything im missing? Thanks in advance✊?

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3 hours ago, 2s2F3CEE-DN said:

So because sorc hit so hard it makes it more valuable in pve? Right and how is it in pvp because im sure i wont be able to avoid pvp as i go through abyss and other maps etc 


Sorcs can be, expectedly, squishy in pvp. You've got to get the upper hand quickly to be successful. Spiritmasters just fear the shit out of everything.

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