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How can I farm or make a +9 stigma set?

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So I want to make a +9 stigma set for my AT on NA (Danaria, Asmo) before 6.x comes around to NA, but not sure how to go about it since I am not familiar with the 5.x patch.

I haven't really played anything but 6.x on RU and KR since 4.x (albeit very casually). I have a lvl 68 ranger in full labrynth c2 gear with kroban c2 acc, which I picked up for cheap on broker, and my lvl31 AT that I plan on leveling up to 66+ during the Anniversary Bonus Boosts event through September 19 to September 26 for the 300% exp.

I have around 600mil, and another 400mil worth of things on broker waiting to be sold, which I don't think will be enough to outright buy a +9 set. I'm looking to make something like this (mouseclic stigma calculator link) eventually.

What methods do I have available to me to make or acquire the +9 stigmas that I want for my AT? Broker did not have any +9s that I needed apart from 2 which where respectively 700m and 900m when I last checked.

Would appreciate any advice, be it dailies, weeklies, quest that I can do, etc.

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If you're aiming for the set b4 6.x you have 2 options:

1) buy from broker

2) get a lot of stigmas and wait for power up week (1 should be by the end of the month) and try your RNG.. during power up enchanting stigma won't result in reset when you fail but it just drops 1 lv. Some ppl have so shitty RNG that for them is option 1 way cheaper. Before power up, it's safe to enchant up to +2, over +2 only during power up week. 

PS.: can be expensive AF depending on your RNG and the price of stigmas

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Start taking your ranger into Evergale Canyon everyday, asap. For each win, you will get a random stigma for any random class. Keep the AT ones you need and sell all the others on the broker, then use that kinah to turn around and continue buying the stigmas you need. You're going to need a ton if you don't have any +9 stigmas yet. My rng is terrible enough that I need dozens of one type of stigma to get it to +9 and even then, it's a crapshoot.

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So for what i can remember there is a bunch of ways:

Free ones: do Cruicble spire(1 a week), Mirash sanctum, and the Evergales each day.

Crucible and mirash will give you 1 random to the class you choose, Evergale can give you any stigma on the game.

The non-free: broker and the top right camp of Norsvold

AT stigmas are rly cheap in comparison with other classes, so broker its cheaper than buying in the camp usually .

You can buy 3 stigmas for 30 spinel medal each week in the camp . they are Class locked but you can choose which one do you want.

basically its 10 spinel medals for 1 stigma, so check if cheaper to buy it for kinah or for spinels,etc.(if the stigma that are you looking for its expensive , create another AT to lvl 10 and buy 3 more stigmas for spinels, etc


Edit: also mobs in Norsvold hav a chance of droping stigma boxes for a class, but its rly low(i got a AT stigma bag on the top left of the map)

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Thanks for all the helpful advice. Medals cost 1mil each, so I've just been buying every AT stigma out from broker that have been listed under 10m or close to it, but it seems like there really weren't many AT stigmas put up on broker, so looks like this will be a slow and painful expensive process. Ill try the spire, sanctum and evergale dailies to get more stigmas and perhaps buying more stigmas with medals. Im down to 300 mil now so Im probably going to need more kinah to fund this venture. Are there any easy things I can do daily or weekly to help mitigate costs?

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