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6.0 Break Power bugged ?


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Sorry I don't know where to posted this but I remember so well that in 6.0 break power is no longer conditional skill but free to use.

Today tested it in PTS it become conditional skill ? >_> Is it EU bugged or working as intended ?

It seems happened with Resonance Haze too ? I remembered so well that both skills ain't conditional.

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I'm really sure overdrive was consume no dp either but EU version need 2k dp.

I can't find harpist (dolphin skill) in bard skill list pretty sure it should be there,because they buffed this skill to have debuff on magic defense on ur enemy and also I think I remember one of charge skills is cast time I can't find that either.

Only positive skill change I found is recovery spell which extended from original 6 seconds to 10 seconds. 

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I'm not talking about daevanion skills moomoo :/

I'm talking about normal skills.Those changes I read them before 6.2 implemented on EU server.
Break Power can use on stumbled target or stunned target or just use it without condition I'm pretty sure when templar skill changes released it in January 2018 it did clearly said you can freely use it.Same as Resonance Haze.

I also checked Recovery Spell(non daevanion version) it clearly said only recovery for 6 sec not 10 sec.

Pretty sure this is something only customize for EU server.

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lol I don't mind about recovery spell heals for 10 sec actually I like this change.

But I do mind about break power and resonance haze become conditional skills which they ain't suppose to.
I do mind about  kinetic slam being charge instead cast time and overdrive that suppose to be toggle instead of using DP (AT is the slowest class in Aion without overdrive it's suck for them big time)

I do mind about bard losing a cast time skill and a debuff magic defense skill.

I found another EU changes sympathetic mind that suppose to be passive but an active skill in 6.2 EU ? (you can find a video of owner of powerbook solo an instance in 6.2 KR using sm he didn't use sympathetic mind because it's passive)


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2 minutes ago, Neleth-KT said:

Yes as 5.8 but as I checked aionpowerbook before EU PTS it clearly said cast time I'll check TW anyway so we'll find out pretty soon ;o

I remeber that since 6.0 info came around, the AT Kinetic Slam daevaion skills were charged skills.

Make it a cast skill would be so dumb for an atk speed based class.

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Update about Break Power

I read about Break Power carefully it's not free to use skill however it's auto activated whenever target stunned or stumbled.

About overdrive it said it become a regular skill ? If not free to use then what ? O.o anyway I'll test about AT soon.
About sympathetic mind maybe it changed with 6.5 ?  I found a video about SM without sympathetic mind.



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