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(Alliance) Into Eternity quest [Elyos]

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Has anyone done the (Alliance) Into Eternity quest for Elyos in Heiron? It's supposed to be located on an island via an invisible bridge in the very lowest part of the right corner according to the map. However, after running around yesterday for about 45 minutes, I was unable to find the Invisible Bridge and Googling the quest provided only the information that I've already typed out: island and Invisible Bridge. I was hoping someone had done it already and would be able to give me directions, point out a landmark or something. I'm totally lost here. Thanks.

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Tell me, how much are you willing to suffer to get 1 quest done?

The bridge is marked by floating orbs of light that appear for 1 in-game hour between 1pm and 2pm. The mobs to kill are ridiculously easy to dispatch but you'll have to finish fast. If the orbs vanish, you'll end up stranded.

The first island can be accessed from the wide open area where you can see the whole cluster of platforms. Good luck.

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