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Coming back and kinda of lost...


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Hello, everyone. So, recently I redownloaded the game and decided to play it again. But heres the thing: I quit at some point in 4.8 4.9 and now everything is different. Like... A LOT different. I really need some help to find me again on this game. So I'll make some questions and hope this forum can help me, because /3 is not very helpful most of the time :/

1. Essence stuff. Is there a guide anywhere explaining where I should spend my points based on classes? I got toons of almost every class, so I need something to guide me here, I'm still holding my points afraid of using it in the wrong skill/stat.

2. Gear. What is the set that people should look for atm? What should I be using, investing, etc. For example, I got a toon in Beritra set, weapon +16. How "ok" is that?

3. Instances. Which instance I should run? If we could make a comparison, which would represent the new Ocuppied Rentus Base, where almost every toon could do it and make some cash.

4. Enchantment. I remember the talking when 5.0 hit Korea and the break system arrived. But I think I read here that 5.6 changed it a bit. I saw something about greater supplements + omega stones. But what about the black enchantment stones and the shinning one?

5. Why godstones are so damn cheap nowadays?

6. Everything is enchantable now? Wings, accessories, this new item bracelet? Should I enchant all of them or only the pros do it? I mean, people are expecting me to go full +10 +15 in order to accept for legions/groups/instances?

7. What happened to the arena? o_0 Where are the tickets? I got a lot of courage insignias, they are worthless now?

8. What about Inggson forts? The lore says anything about them being destroyed?

9. Alchemy, scrolls, aether and stuff, are still relevant to these days? Morphing is still a good way to make money?

10. Talking about levels, seems 70 is the X level. Is that right?


I think that's it (for now). I know that's a lot of questions but too much changed while I was gone ._. Appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

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1) I made a guide regarding Essence. As for what to invest with each class, depends, but it is simple. Generally, Knowledge (and Precision if you fail to land stuff) for Magic classes, and Precision and Power for physical classes.

2) Depends on class mostly, but as first you could aim for mythic AC, and then aim for Apollon/CoE gear. This is PvE wise. PvP wise, you can aim for level 75 Abyss set.

3) Adma's Fall, Theobomos Test Chamber and Archives of Eternity. Maybe Cradle of Eternity, but you do need a bit of levelling for that one (70). Maybe for AoE as well, like level 68.

4) Only Archdaeva gear breaks upon failed enchantment (any gear of level 66 and above). The latest update introduced the guaranteed success from enchanting, requiring an Omega stone and Greater Supplements. Shining stones are better than the regular ones, but still worse than Omegas.

5) They are easy to get, several sources for them, they do not break often.

6) Tempering accessories requires Tempering Solutions. They add 0.5% PvP stats per level. Enchanting wings is just like enchanting armour and weapons. Bracelets require Tempering Solutions as well, and add PvP def and offensive stats the more you temper them (and manastone slots if you go high enough). Same with plumes, except they give HP and the stats indicated on their name.

You dont need to enchant everything. Bracelets are just an extra, plumes are not needed but are a great boost, accessories are only required for PvP. With time, you will begin caring about enchanting, but it is easy to do it now with guaranteed successes.

7) Tickets were removed. Arenas now have entries like other instances, 5 each one. Except for Glory, which is the same as in the past.

8) Gelk/Inggy fortresses are no more. Lore-wise, they were closed down as the faction's focus was shifted into more important matters. That, and the Balaur's retreat from those regions, allowed our factions to strengthen their defences, making them not need siege protection anymore.

9) The only kinah-making source from old professions are scrolls. Other than that, everything is mostly useless as there are better items now and other sources for them.

10) The new level cap is 75. Now we have "hard cap", which is 75, and "soft cap" which is 70-72. Most stuff will be available for you at those levels. But you might not be able to tackle things like BoS or ToE.


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1. Just read what each essence gives you and put your points where it makes most sence. (i.e. If you are a cleric healing in PvE, you want HP. So put your points in Health. If you are a glad and want more crit strike, put your points into Accuracy.) 

2. Arch Daeva gear will allow you to use the new manastones (they correspond to the essences). So you will want to work towards that. Mythic Ancient coin isn't bad to begin with. The Library set that drops from Archives isn't a bad beginning set either. 

3. You should run the new Theo and Adma and Archives. The first two bosses in Cradle aren't that hard either.

4. The regular black enchantment stones can still fail. The shiny ones fail a bit less.

5. The latest event is giving a tone of useless godstones.

6. You should enchant everything. Pug groups for the instances I mention shouldn't check gear.

7. Arena isn't tickets any more. You get entries like you would in any instance.

8. Inggi/Gelk forts are gone.

9. Yes and not really.

10. Not sure what you mean by the "X" level. You mean the lowest level people will accept you for groups?

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Also, regarding #1, you can change your essence set-up as many times as you want, so don't be afraid to put points in random places and try things out. If you decide you don't like having those 5 points in Power (or whatever) then you can just take them right out and put them somewhere else, even if it's only been 5 minutes. :)

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45 minutes ago, Vantheria-IS said:

Also, regarding #1, you can change your essence set-up as many times as you want, so don't be afraid to put points in random places and try things out. If you decide you don't like having those 5 points in Power (or whatever) then you can just take them right out and put them somewhere else, even if it's only been 5 minutes. :)

Phew, that's a relif xD Gotta spend it all so I can level faster I guess Thanks for the info!

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Reading the guide that Bryos made I discovered that, things are a lot clear now. Do you happen to know critical hit and accuracy cap?

53 minutes ago, Nyinu-KR said:

Don't forget that you also have Essence Cores. (there is a tab for them on your character sheet) Those can be enchanted to give more essence. But watch out. They do explode if you fail and enchant.

I was kinda afraid of this system but now that I understand a little bit, essence core stuff is interesting at the very least.


Edit: so I just realized that there's a limit for power, precision, etc. I can't put every single point in Power, for instance. That makes things simpler

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