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[Old Forums Archive] Shugo Nomads for Housing Souvenirs

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For the shugo nomads who spawn periodically with quests for housing souvenirs. Note, dates are in-game dates, not real life calendar dates.

From Pennry and Gallia on the old forums:

Here are the Shugo spawn points for Elyos on the Oriel map.

[Feb 15-17] - Elroco Hill Village
[Mar 15-17] - Goldendell Village
[May 15-17] - Vibrant Garden Village
[Jun 15-17] - Pearl Cove Village
[Aug 15-17] - Seapath Village
[Sep 15-17] - Mill Ridge Village
[Nov 15-17] - Reedpond Village
[Dec 15-17] - Riverwell Village


Here are the Shugo spawn points for the Asmos on the Pernon map.

[Feb 15-17] - Shepherd's Peak Village
[Mar 15-17] - Silver Tree Village
[May 15-17] - Golden Sunset Village
[Jun 15-17] - Azure Inlet Village
[Aug 15-17] - Speing Hill Village
[Sep 15-17] - Foothill Basin Village
[Nov 15-17] - Stonewall Village
[Dec 15-17] - Aironroost Village


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