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[Old Forums Archive] Seasonal Agrints

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The seasonal agrints are mobs that spawn in Oriel and Pernon to provide materials needed to craft skins, mounts, and other items. Info originally provided by Sinlarra.


Spawn Timetable:

The agrints spawn at preceisely 12:00 AM on the first of every month IN-GAME TIME. December, January, and February are winter. March, April, and May are spring. June, July, and August are summer. September, October, and November are autumn.


Spawn Locations:




Example of loot from one tree (info provided by Jambo):

165 Spring Leafs (All of League)
24 Life Leafs
10 Rough Aether Gems
5 Spring Crystals
2 Housing Accessory Bundles
1 Vernal Flower Aether Ore
1 Waveform Surfrider

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