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Greater Supplements (Eternal)

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Hello, I am trying to find a way how to upgrade Eternal Frigida parts. Situation is that there are no pure/sophisticated parts in the broker to buy for few weeks already (or anyone selling at all) and to upgrade the Eternal part, only Eternal Supplements can be used. I was able to find Lesser Supplements, which makes no difference, and some Greater Supplements bags (which cost 9mil a bag in a broker and only gives 7 Greater Supplements. This is ridiculous...). Is there any other way to get these supplements?

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There are only four reliable ways:

1) BCM

2) Events (none are running)

3) Linkgate Foundry - Do 3 or 5 key difficulty. Issue is, it also drops Mythic Supplements, so you wont always get them.

4) Open Atreian Passport Supplement Bundles with a character between level 56 and 60 (haven't tested this out, but it should).

The second part of 5.6 will introduce the ability to upgrade supplements through Alchemy. Easy to craft, less expensive than paying with kinah as you enchant.

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