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Is it Worth it?


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9 hours ago, 17s4DEF-KT said:

is it worth playing aion as of right now ? id really like to try it out again back in the day i didnt have time to but i did enjoy the game.

You can always do the sightseeing approach - check out Iluma/Norsvold (or any of the other maps/instances) before they are gone, do some event SFTs & get yourself some temperings/kinah to set yourself up for a slightly better starting position in 6.x, buy some skins and/or (timed) mounts for any new planned 6.x characters...that kinda stuff. Just don't go all-in by wasting time on trying to hit 75, gear up, or learn about the essence/ele.transformation systems at this point.

Or don't and start fresh in 6.x when it comes. The idea a brand new start/character in a reshaped game holds some appeal too. I've been holding off on the EU PTS myself for that very reason.

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