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A simple feedback about enchant rate in the 6.x


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Hello everyone
I just wanted to give some feedback for the 6.2 about on enchantment rates in the 6.x
since the US and NA have the habit of reducing the rate of enchantment main of Korea sincerely it must stop, I have seen many people in GF spending more than 50 omegas (purple stones) to try to get +15 and they could not get it ,it makes me worry because many people suffer after spending many weeks or months farming to end up with something even worse than what was. I give here reasons of the many that there are about why not alter the official rates:
1. The official main rate of Korea is already very low
2. Enchantment is one of the main causes of stress in this game
3. Omegas are no longer tradeable (only the cash-shop omegas) so they can no longer be ground with alter characters
4. in the 6.x , all 7 accessories, bracelet and feathers needs to get +15 (a total of 17 pieces, a lot)

I hope you take it into account when developing 6.2 :)


ignore my bad English

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