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Old forum Archive: Templar in 5.3 and you (Templar class guide)


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Greetings my lovely Templars!! Long time no talk, I haven't really posted much of anything since these new forums launched!

HOWEVER! WITH THAT BEING SAID!  I have decided I would return when 6.0 would hit and since it has hit the EU this week I have recently begun to playtest a lot of the changes and get a hands on experience with relatively decent latency and the ability to understand the text in front of me.  What I've done is move the old post found here:   http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/showthread.php?t=152097  and moved it into a nifty little google document.  

I was going to wait on  posting this until it was completed however with the changes being made and the deletion of the old forums I found it incredibly important to move this information over ASAP.  Though it is not completed, The general meat and potatoes of the guide are infact there.  I will be updating it within the next 48 hours with all the information pertaining to templar it's changes and the 6.0 / 6.2 relevant information. But for now please enjoy the relatively cleaned up copy of the old guide so it does not get lost forever in the abyss of the old forums.   

Guide link:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yYESBC7_aM33SskorhHDeB3psCpb1sGvdQugb7SThwE/edit?usp=sharing

I will also post this as a 6.x templar guide once completed. :) 

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