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Should Aion open Classic server too?

Would love 2.7 to come back  

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  1. 1. Would love 2.7 to come back

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    • No

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I think the current Aion should take a harder focus on the PvP aspect of the game, that is what makes Aion stand out the most.. They should balance and polish PvP.

Less PvE for PvP, but still keep a solid emphasis on PvE/Lore. 

Being demolished in Aion at any point from 1.0-6.0 has been a pain, but it has only sucked badly when the gear gaps were huge between casual players to hardcore players.

There needs to be a defining gap and benefits for the players who put in the work, without having it drive players away from being involved directly with the content, which is PvE/PvP, in an open world PvP map.

Newer players should be able to roll out in a group and stand a fighting chance, to where when PvP is instigated we don't see 6 people fighting off 24..

I guess that last statement is the major draw towards gaining that advantage in the first place, maybe its just to hard for some to amass a fighting chance if everyone wasn't there from patch launch.

They're either taking away from the vets putting in the time for the gear, but that doesn't always equal PvP skill, and the newer casuals will never be able to hold their own.

Where is the balance in a game that boast the best PvP driven combat.

My mind wants to say an outstanding PvP game should be skill driven instead of being upheld by a gear grind.

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I do not understand how a server with an earlier patch permanently without any updates would be a game worth playing

On 28/9/2018 at 1:54 AM, Aly-DN said:

No. Our player base numbers don't support it.

...but I voted yes because Aly voted no.

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21 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

I do not understand how a server with an earlier patch permanently without any updates would be a game worth playing

...but I voted yes because Aly voted no.


Fair enough!

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On 4/6/2019 at 0:11 AM, Polychrome-DN said:

The game isn't about a Daeva's journey through the many lands of Atreia anymore. It's about PvP in the various lands of Balaurea. And unless (or until) the story takes some sort of "reconquest" turn, I don't see that changing. 

But I tell you, I would absolutely love to see Eltnen again, or fly freely through the abyss, hearing light music as I explore surreal lands.

It's nice to see that someone else feels as I do about what has happened to Aion. Even if they are Elyos, lol (I'm Asmodian). Anyhoo, I too would love to again Fly freely in the Abyss exploring the many areas. Actually I think I miss the Freedom of the Abyss most of all.

However I also miss the many areas to explore in Atrea as I level. All this has been taken away from us. Hopefully as new areas are added I hope some of that ability to explore Atrea will return. But I won't hold my breath that's for sure. As I've said before in other posts: Once, if it even exists, I find another game where I can design my own character and actually see her as I've designed her as I play, that allows me to sprout bird like wings and Fly with Aion's realism That game will become my new Fav. But alas, my searches concerning the subject to date haven't turned up any prospects. And while I do fool around a lil on RO. for it's freedom of flight, RO doesn't have Aion's realism as it is more Anime based which, in of itself there's nothing wrong with however RO's storyline leaves a lot to be desired at this point.

So currently I'm stuck here hoping for improvement and a permanent end to transformations (I absolutely Loathe them and refuse to use them unless it is absolutely necessary and I have a transparency scroll handy to combat their ridiculousness), which, will probably never come.

So for now I get on and flap around Enshar's Dragonrest or Belusian in the areas there you can still fly, then do a little in Lakrum untill I get fed up with the PVP Gankfest then I log off. Compared to my pre 6x practice of playing 10-14 hous a day (I became disabled in a bad accident) this IMHO constitutes a tragedy of epic proportions.

I know some of you may reply unfavorably to my views especially those that enjoy only PVP and Ganking the helpless, but I don't care. This game used to have a rich and wonderful story with so, so many beautiful areas to explore which are now gone forever. So hit me with your worse. As I said I don't care and I will only respond to those who feel as I do about what we have lost.

Shedding a tear................

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