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How does one sends a ticket to recover a stolen account ?


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Im not one to come to the forums to complain or to express my deep feelings about Ncsoft support but this time I think its just too much to just keep it for myself. So today I tried to log in and it said my password was wrong so I thought maybe I forgot about it since I had not logged in for a while so I tried to recover it and my email was not even registered . So it seems my account doesnt exist anymore and ive always been carefull as to what information I share with people and even when I stream and I just swapped my account to this new email about 2 months ago because I had an issue with my paypal account email and I thought it would be safer to move my aion account to a seperate email. Anyhow if someone wanted to steal my account they couldnt had done it by just loging in to my account cause I think you can only swap emails once every 90 days . So that person had to send an email to Ncsoft and tell them a story ? how does ncsoft let someone that im sure doesnt have any of my personnal information , fool them into giving them my account ?

my English is bad i dont care ! im so mad and I can'T find the email to send them a ticket cause i cant log in with my account anymore but im sure it was support@ncsoft.com but i never heard back from them and im freaking out now. 6.2 is around the corner and i wanted to register my account for the free stuff and now i might not even have an account anymore .

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