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[FARM GROUP] Natural Magic Stone Bundle

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I've been doing groups/ally's for Natural Magic Stone Bundles for a while now but can't get a "solid" group going (we do kill the bosses)
Few questions I always get asked:

  1. What is Natural Magic Stone Bundle?
    A bundle that gives you a random stone of the ones below.
    PS: Everyone in party/ally gets to loot one (personal loot)

  2. What's it used for?
    Crafting prowess set/weapon with Aetherforging
  3. Why should I help? What do I get out of it?
    You don't have to help! 
    Depending on servers & sides you can make a few kinah here and there from it.
    Currently KT-A side the price range for each stone is 50-90m kinah.

  4. Why you farming this?
    The skin's going away in 6.0 so it's a nice collection to have 


If you made it this far down! Whisper Delicat on KT-A to join the farm group if you're interested!

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