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[6.2] List of Terminated Items

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2 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

My broken crystal balls!


Note that there are 4 different items that have the name "Broken Crystal Ball" and the same icon:

182006892    junk_world_event_wide_use_02a
186000437    coin_pvp_02_tradable
186000438    treasure_01a_tradable
186000439    item_idarena_pvp01_01_tradable

The third one, treasure_01a_tradable, is the one that is getting terminated. But it is not the ones we get from events...

The first one, junk_world_event_wide_use_02a, is probably the one we get from events, which is not getting terminated.

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Another note regarding the "Omega Enchantment Stone / All-Powerful Enchantment Stone" and "Tempering Solution / Holy Upgrade Serum" items on the terminated list:

The terminated version of these two specific versions of Omega/APES and Tempering/Serums are untradable test items that happen to have the same name, icon, and description as the ones we're all familiar with. These untradeable items do not have "[Event]" in front of the names, thus they are different items from our [Event] untradables.

Check aioncodex to find out how many different items that have the same name there.


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