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Having Crashes Downloading 6


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I just started playing 5.8 a couple of weeks ago. I added a new HD to my computer and installed Windows 7, which meant I have to download AION again, and was surprised to see it was "A New Dawn" (AION 6) instead of "Heart of Frost" (AION 5.8). However, the downloading kept crashing with error messages on various files, causing me to start the download all over again. The error message just says that a file cannot be downloaded. The files are, I think (it is not clear in the error message), batch files of such things as monsters and textures (common data files). I did what the error message said and turned off both my firewall and the antivirus, but I still get download errors that caused me to start the download all over again. When I re-started the download, files that had previously caused the error were downloaded no problem, and files that had previously been downloaded caused the error when downloading again (based on the % mark of the download -- it would crash at 56% downloaded one time, and at 34% next attempt to download). It appears to be that the files sometimes causes an error and sometimes do not, and they appear to be the same type as the others that had downloaded successfully. Any suggestions on how to stop the downloading errors so that I can get it done before Hallowe'en?

Also, after reading the FAQ, I am have a few questions:

1) Can I still download and play 5.8 ("Heart of Frost") and play that version on my new HD? I am into crafting and wanted to continue it, but the FAQ says that crafting is gone in 6. Bummer.

2) I have 5.8 up and running on the old HD, but I need to install it on the new HD. If I play it, would it require me to update it to 6? I just learned about 6 as I tried to re-install AION into the new HD this morning. The computer upgrade caused me to miss a few days of AION, so I am not fully up-to-date.

3) After finally getting the first step (of nine) of the AION 6 download done (it crashed several times before it got to 100%), I started it, but it would not accept my Name and Password from 5.8. It still works on 5.8 (I checked). Do I have to register again? Do I have to start a new account for 6? I checked and they are still valid, or else I couldn't write this now.

4) Does 6 still have the same rules for PvP? Is there a Fast-Track server in it for non-fighters? Are the safe zones/areas/regions of 5.8 still safe in 6? As I said, it will not accept my current Name/PW, so i cannot get in it to see for myself.

Thank you for your help, and I appreciate it.

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A New Dawn is Gameforge's version of 6.2. Ours is going to be Awakened Legacy. Are you downloading the correct client?


1) I wouldn't bother with continuing crafting. If you're a North American player on the North American client, it's going away on October 24th.

2) We don't have 6.2 yet. If you're playing on Gameforge's client, you'll be forced to 6.2.

3) I think you have the wrong client. NA Aion (these forums) requires you to log in at the launcher. Gameforge, you log in in the game.

4) EU doesn't have the FTS anymore. Rifts exist again there, but they have level caps. We might see the same thing.

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@Cheesecake-DN the point 4 you mentioned is in the patch so I'm quite sure (about 95%) it's gonna be the same.

Anyway to the problem, @Imoutoko-KT could you show the error you're gettin'? Without the error message/code it's fairly hard to troubleshoot remotely. But at 1st refer to Cheesecake and check if you're downloading the right client (NA if you're asking on these forums)

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