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Hello,I've been wondering about the new update in the upcoming date... you see... some maps will be removed right?


What will happen to the players who were at the map after the new update? Will they be moved to the maps according to their levels? If not how? I was wondering these stuffs since some of the maps are going to be removed and the kinah will be renewed to a new system and we will start from zero.. How are the players going to move to the other area to do their campaigns and quests without any kinah?

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After the update, all players who were in the affected zones (or maybe simply outside the capitals) will be moved to the ships (Habrok/Griffoen), allowing them to access their capital cities (Pandemonium/Sanctum).

As for kinah, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, its still not guaranteed all kinah will automatically turn into Gold Bars. For that, we will have to wait for Hime to post about the economy changes. Second, if you are a returning player, you will have stuff to get compensated for. And even then fairly sure that there will be a way to get kinah in capital cities (like those repeatable quests from the teleporter which give you enough to get to Altgard/Verteron if you run out of kinah), or maybe not everything will be converted. For this, once again, we will have to wait.

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