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I activated a serial code but nothing happened @ _ @


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3 hours ago, AndroideBR-KT said:

I completed the payment, got the key and activated it on the aion site as I always do, I already received an email that says that the code is activated but I continue with 0 Ncoins, already tried to use again says it has already been used. Pls HELP 

Did you apply the code in your NCsoft account?


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8 hours ago, AndroideBR-KT said:

I already applied, it is in transaction history, as if it was already active but I continue with zero Ncoins '-'

Well I used the code today at 10:00 A.M and I'm waiting for it then :/

Yeah, right after I went to bed, they tweeted on their Twitter account that they were aware of an issue keeping players from receiving their ncoin lol. xD

I hope this was resolved for you!

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