it's really nice to have such big amount of materials so ppl can be happy and be better geared, i apreciate it but... i have a different angle about this situation.  I would call this thread the:  ''New Players Killer Event'' *Crowds roar in Anger Dafuq  Nest you damn crazy greedy nyerk* wait a second please, let me elaborate a bit.
  6.X was supposed to be revamped, streamlined and all that to attract New Players, yes New Players that are expected to come AFTER the update not now. So all this massive amount of items will create an immense gap between any current player and future New Players and Resturned players that will come after 6.X update. 
  In just a few hours of event economy shifted upside down, and this will last 3 full weeks, at the end i would say 95% of Active players will be able to exchange full  Legendary sets and several Ultimate pieces. (btw whales will have 3 to 4 sets to counter you, so don't smile much claiming you catched up lol) Also don't blind yourselves 6.X is not the paradise will all dreamed for, the Aion salvation,  our brothers in EU are having big troubles everywhere, and a lot of players are leaving. Just have in mind that NEW players will be runing in Ancient PvP gear for around 2, 3 or 4 months , (EU reports around 300 ancient and 60 lengedary stones  to maybe get a SINGLE piece of the most common ancient gear to +15) this means No Mov speed, no attack speed, no casting speed, they could get some PvE gear to soften a little the impact but still for a minimum of maybe 1 or 2 weeks until they get a PvE legendary boots  and weapon (and still will be slow) they will experience an Slow Motion MMO,  and now on top of that, exchanges will be raining everywhere making the gear gap even greater, so Bye Bye non existant future new players. This action from NCwest plus the No adversiment from their part and all the problems with EU 6.X (wich are highly likely we will have too), lead me to think they realized the big inlfux of new players we all wanted will not happen, so they pulled this move to try to grab us by the balls and keep milking what is left of player base.   I hope I'm wrong and that servers flourish with activity and new players   
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