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Weekly NPC Kinah Limit Not Reset


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In fact it does not has a defined day to reset. The weekly npc vendor limit will reset continuously based on the days that you have used it.

Ex: For the weekly limit of 3 

You used up 2 on monday and 1 on friday. Next monday you'll be able to sell those two again, as for the other 1, you'll have to wait until friday.

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Just now, Steezie-DN said:

You all are wrong, it resets every 21 hours by 1/8th of the total kinah cap, on full moon nights it resets by double minus 50% * 9 / 9.

Mmm actually that only happens if you've recently sacrificed a virgin and danced with the teleportation NPC for 7.5 hours exactly. Jfc Steez, you should know that.

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