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Questions about items in 6.2 again


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1)What will happen 5.x  to old reset scrolls like COE,DD etc.. (Instances that still exist, just changed). Will these reset scrolls be removed/unusable or changed? Also what about instance boost pack?

2)Does morphing still exist in new patch?

3) Can someone confirm if ancient gear (gold) from exchange list is upgrade-able/purified or not  to legendary(purple) someone said its not.... 

4)Are candy still usable ? I have a lot of them,just wondering......


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1a) Existing instance scrolls will still be usable. Some will be terminated, but they were never available in our version.

1b) Instance Boost Pack should remain the same.

2) Morphing still exists, but realistically useless as recipes are removed.

3) Zenith set (PvE) no, Winged Champion (PvP) yes.

4) The ones bought from the store will be usable. All others are terminated.

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