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Can someone break this event down for a new/returning player pls


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My wife and I planned to return for 6.2.  We have not played since level 60 ish.  Please assume I know nothing because it feels that way.  Well with that said, i've been reading the forums about this event and how amazing it is and the items can be exchanged when the new patch goes live.  Could someone please explain how to do this?  Do I need to + up gear first?  Do i just need the item in my inventory?  Do I need to farm actual armor and then use the items from the event to + it up to take advantage?  What are the items that I should really ensure I farm?   Also I have a 65 songweaver and a 60 cleric.  I think I am going to main the cleric at 6.2 but does it matter if I farm on my songweaver?  Also what zones can I go into solo/group with the 65 and 60 to farm these items?

Thanks for the help...planned to just log on oct 25th and figure it all out while it was changed, but this event seems to be a big deal?


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  • Aion Team

Hi there and welcome back!

With the coming update, there's a lot of system and gear changes. We announced several weeks ago that a lot of the gear that players currently have (in 5.8) will give them a little bit of a headstart in the coming update. As long as you have the gear at the appropriate levels, you will receive boxes containing the new 6.2 gear once the update is live. 

You can find the thread discussing the gear "exchanges" and the spreadsheet here.

The event currently running, End of the World, is an event to pay tribute to instances that will not longer be accessible in the 6.2 update. The rewards offered in this event can greatly assist you as the gear offered is on the list I linked above. It's also providing Tempering Solutions and Omegas Enchantment Stones to help you plus that gear up to the levels you'd like.

Hopefully this clears it up a little bit, I'm sure there will be other comments from the community here as well. But please feel free to ask any more questions!

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There are two things here. One is the End of the World event currently running, and entirely different thing is the gear compensation for 6.2.

The End of the World event is simple. You go through the instances on the list (the ones being removed), and hope to get this Apocalyptic Bundle from mobs. Straightforward and simple, just open that bundle for rewards. What makes this event attractive is that the rewards are really good and you have high chance of getting high tier stuff.

Now we can discuss the compensation. In 6.2, there is a major makeover to gear. Basically, our gear will be rather weak against high level content. As such, we are getting this compensation that happens automatically when the patch lands. Certain high tier gear, if enchanted/tempered high enough, will get you a bundle containing the new gear upon logging in. You can check the table here. For example, if you are in possession of a +15 Master Harvester's weapon (has to be in your inventory or equipped), then you will get this Ancient Zenith weapon bundle after the update.

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Will we get these if we are only 60 or 65?  Does our level exclude us from any of the items in the chest?

Master Harvester's Armor Box

Master Harvester's Weapon Box

Master Harvester's Accessory Box

Master Harvester's Hat Box

Also looking at the dungeon list, I assume all these dungeons are 65+?

And thank you for the table and explanation.  Seems that it would be a big benefit to log in before the patch.

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