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ok we all know that aion is pvp driven but i believe the world outside the group instance should be a solo adventure to focus on self development like a regular rpg game  most people are use to the idea of the individual experience and self improvement .to ensure that everybody play all of the different version of aion [patch to patch] all the map instances should give the players the option to do a solo or group run .and  the field elites monsters should drop 100% rare crafting items .NCSOFT needs to reward its customers the tradicional way of rpgs... the old ways are still good guys

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No. There are a couple of solo instances.

@Lusadanian-KT.. I think you are confusing RPGs and MMORPGs. The first is a single player game. It's you and your make-believe friends.. battling it out for your own personal self improvement because everyone in the game is you. The second literally explains the difference in the first two letters. Massively. Multiplayer. MMORPGs are not about just your self-improvement or your individual experience. They are about -everyone- who plays.

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