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Where can I get SW skill skins? WTB!

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where can I get them? I don't find them on BCM and nobody sells them on the broker...

and also how many skill skins are there for songweaver? I already have the one with a chick inside an egg shell, the toy unicorn, and the guitar with sparks. if you have the ones I don't have and want to sell them, hit me up plss

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Each class has 5 skill skins. 3 of those are the originals from 5.3 (cheapest ones and the one on the BCM currently), the other 2 were introduced with 5.8. The other two are EXTREMELY rare because we only ever had them once in an event. They might be more common in the future, but now they are almost unattainable.

-Dances euphorically for owning the Recovery Spell one-

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