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What time is rift of morheim, beluslan and gelkmaros


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On 9/25/2017 at 9:30 AM, Nyali-IS said:

Not sure if this sheet has the correct times up, but in case they are: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-3RtflVNnMO-SM7RJw8dLq1e8HUhuUuieDL-RSEAUdY/edit#gid=589469811 I haven't been using those rifts for a while, but there were a few people who already pointed this issue out, no reply on it though. ;/

I've been checking this over the recent days and can confirm that those rift times are accurate. Thank you for finding it.

Normally I'd imagine it is the job of the staff to disclose the rift/siege schedules per update, but it is still nice to see the community step in to cover for them if they don't.

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