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Cleric Staff or Mace ?

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Assuming you are a Cleric, based on your profile, you will want to stick to staff in lower levels. They tend to have better offensive attributes than maces, even though being physical weapons. Just look for stuff with Magic Boost. When you reach endgame, you will need a mace and shield for healing. That said, we are about to have a really big update in two weeks, which reshapes the game.

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Right now a staff has more base magic boost, which makes your dps skills better. Right now you use a mace and shield for healing because the shield will give you more defense to keep you safe while you heal and the cleric maces (those with magic boost on them) also give you faster cast speed so that your heals will come faster. 

All of that being said, listen to what Byros said. When the new patch hits (Oct 24), clerics will no longer use staffs and will use mace and shield for everything. Staffs in 6.2 give physical attack and not magical attack. Physical attack doesn't help a cleric.

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