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Questing in PVE/PVP world


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Not higher levels. Everyone is going to be 80 super quick. But some people, because of the exchange list and/or hard work, are going to be very geared quickly. Also, the transforms are super RNG and someone that is willing to drop hundreds of $$ right off the bat is going to have a good transform the very first day. A good transform is going to make a big difference. Minions were nerfed, so that isn't going to be as big of a problem. Godstones are gone, so they won't be that big of a problem.

Ofc hackers will still be hacking.

Will you still get killed when you are out and about? Yeah. You will.

Make friends. Join a legion that is willing to quest with you. Run in a zerg. Play smart and you should be fine.

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ALY said it best. 


Yes you will get your face smashed in a few times over and over but thays legit expected. 


Just roll with a few people , look like you mean business and then keep your tactics sharp and you'll be okay! Just focus on your toon now and the changes that have come about and then focus on everything else. I mean easier said than done but it's what I'm slowly doing :P

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