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Coming back to play with many doubts, help me pls =p


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Hi everyone! 

I have a level 69 ranger and I came back to play a few weeks ago. I'm having a hard time understanding the number of changes that have taken place in the game. When I stopped, I had finished making the set Siel and when I came back, I received a +10 Elite Fledgling. My doubts are as follows, what is more appropriate to do to increase the level faster today? I'm doing almost every possible Daily Quests, but it ends up not being very meaningful. Is there a dungeon that is always indicated? Regarding the equipment, do you have some more suitable to look for or should I wait for the next update to focus on something? I'm not sure what to do with PVP and PVE.

Thank you. ^^

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Leveling in the current patch is horrible. Plain and simple. You are doing what you can. It's just really tough.

On Oct. 24th, we are going to get the 6.2 patch. In that patch you can level from your current 69 to 80 in a few hours or less. You can level from 1 to 80 in a few days or a single day if you want to no life it. 

I just wouldn't worry about leveling or gear or anything at this point. Play and get used to the controls and the game again. Everything changes in a few short weeks.

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